Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
Torrential Rains Cause Devastation in Libya

Torrential rains in Libya on September 10 resulted in severe flooding as one of the dams burst open, unleashing muddy water that ravaged through the city. The Eastern port of Derna has been particularly affected, with nearly a quarter of the city devastated by the floods.

Satellite images circulating on the internet reveal the widespread destruction caused by this flood. In Derna, the before and after images show a stark contrast. The city was once green, with visible houses and lanes. However, after the flood, several multi-storey buildings on the river bed have collapsed, and a significant portion of the shore has been swallowed by the river. Water can be seen gushing through the streets.

The death toll from the floods continues to rise, with an estimated over 5,000 people reported dead and 10,000 missing. More than 30,000 people have been displaced in Derna alone. The country, which has already experienced years of war and uprisings, faces another devastating blow with this catastrophe.

Drinking water is in short supply, and the streets are littered with corpses. Whole families are believed to have been wiped out by the storm. International assistance is being mobilized to provide emergency aid to the affected population.

The scale of destruction is worse than initially predicted by officials. This disaster has shocked the world, and the satellite view of Derna has gone viral on social media due to the powerful visual representation of the magnitude of the disaster.

As Libya continues to deal with the aftermath of this devastating flood, the international community stands ready to support the country in its recovery efforts.