Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
South Korea Warns North Korea to Halt Military Satellite Launch

The South Korean military has issued a warning to North Korea to immediately stop preparations for another military spy satellite launch. Lt. Gen. Kang Ho-pil, chief director of operations at the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), declared that necessary measures would be taken if North Korea proceeds with the launch.

The warning comes in response to Defense Minister Shin Won-sik’s statement that Pyongyang may attempt another satellite launch as early as this week. Lt. Gen. Kang emphasized that if North Korea goes ahead with the launch, the South Korean military will enact measures to ensure the safety and security of its people. However, no specific details were provided regarding what these measures may entail.

One possible action under consideration is the partial suspension of the 2018 inter-Korean military agreement. This agreement aims to establish buffer zones and no-fly zones near the inter-Korean border to prevent clashes between the two countries. South Korea argues that the agreement has been repeatedly violated by North Korea, rendering it ineffective.

The potential launch of a military spy satellite by North Korea is considered a provocative act that threatens South Korea’s national security. It would also violate UN Security Council sanctions resolutions that prohibit North Korea from utilizing ballistic missile technology. This warning from South Korea coincides with concerns over North Korea’s possible collaboration with Russia to obtain technology and support for its weapons program.

North Korea has made two unsuccessful attempts to launch a reconnaissance satellite into orbit earlier this year. The government blamed technical issues for the failures. However, South Korea remains vigilant and has expressed its determination to deter any further attempts by North Korea to launch military spy satellites.