Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Revolutionizing Internet Connectivity in the Philippines: Silkwave and Smart Citi Teknologi Partnership

Silkwave Inc. and Smart Citi Teknologi, a Filipino technology solutions provider, have joined forces to bring a groundbreaking change to internet connectivity in the Philippines. Their collaboration aims to deliver satellite broadband internet and digital multimedia services to villages, smart cities, and government applications across the country.

During the partnership launch event, Hon. Rodante Marcoleta, a strong advocate of communications technology, emphasized the significance of high-bandwidth connectivity in rural areas. He highlighted the positive impact this advancement would have on the lives of the majority of Filipinos.

Silkwave CEO Charles Wong expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership and their shared goal of providing satellite broadband internet services in the Philippines. He specifically mentioned their focus on bringing last-mile WiFi and satellite WiFi connectivity to remote communities, addressing the digital connectivity gap in these areas.

Additionally, Wong mentioned the company’s plans to provide emergency broadcasting services during natural disasters and calamities, working closely with the government. Talks have already begun, and a trial process is expected to commence soon.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of their services, Silkwave and Smart Citi Teknologi will conduct pilot tests at three different sites in the country, targeting a province, an island, and an urban setting. This proof of concept will allow them to refine their connectivity services before a wider rollout.

Silkwave’s current satellite, Asia-Star, covers the entire Asian region and enables the delivery of internet protocol-based data services to users and devices regardless of location or weather conditions. However, the company is developing a new satellite, set to launch in 2025, which promises 100 times faster connectivity, wider coverage, and a higher power level for a more extensive mass market rollout.

This partnership between Silkwave Inc. and Smart Citi Teknologi is a significant step towards bridging the digital divide in the Philippines. Their satellite broadband internet and digital multimedia connectivity services aim to bring the benefits of high-speed internet to even the most remote areas of the country, fostering economic growth and development along the way.