Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
North Korea Launches Alleged Military Satellite towards South, Defying UN Resolutions

The South Korean military announced on Tuesday that North Korea has launched what they claim to be a military spy satellite towards the South. This comes after Pyongyang warned Japan of an imminent launch, disregarding the warnings from Seoul and the UN resolutions prohibiting the use of ballistic missile technology.

According to the joint chiefs of staff in South Korea, “North Korea has launched what they claim to be a military surveillance satellite towards the South.” The Japanese government also reported the launch of a missile by North Korea, which Prime Minister Fumio Kishida strongly condemned. He stated, “We have already firmly protested against North Korea.” Kishida added that even if they call it a satellite, launching an object that uses ballistic missile technology is clearly a violation of UN resolutions.

Kishida emphasized the importance of the situation, stating that it affects the security of the Japanese people. The government briefly ordered residents in the Okinawa region, southwest of the archipelago, to take shelter upon hearing the news of the launch.

The Japanese government received a warning from Pyongyang about the imminent launch, which prompted an alert message to be issued. As of now, they are waiting to assess if there have been any damages. Prime Minister Kishida stated that they will continue to gather information and remain vigilant in the face of this situation.