Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
Balancing Workforce Immigration and National Security in Lithuania

L. Kasčiūnas, a Lithuanian politician, emphasized the importance of finding a balance between workforce immigration that meets the real needs of the market and national security in order to ensure cultural cohesion within society. He raised questions about the type of Lithuania people want to live in and whether it should be a country with no-go zones or a secure state with controlled migration.

Kasčiūnas acknowledged that his proposals would face criticism not only from parliamentarians but also from NGOs and business representatives. However, he emphasized the need for timely response and appropriate decision-making in order to prevent Lithuania from becoming a destination point for migration from third countries.

He suggested that before establishing an external service provider for immigration matters, consultation with the State Border Guard Service (VSAT) and the State Security Department (VSD) should take place to assess potential threats to national security. He also proposed that the list of countries from where employers could bring in foreign workers should be determined after consulting these relevant institutions.

Kasčiūnas mentioned that there have been cases of foreigners manipulating the existing rules when coming to work in Lithuania. Therefore, he proposed linking temporary residence permits to work permits, so that if a person changes their employer within six months, they would lose their work permit and have to start the process again.

The politician also discussed the need for clearer regulations regarding the issuance of temporary residence permits in Lithuania. He suggested introducing a mandatory language exam for foreigners who have been living in the country for at least five years, regardless of whether they are seeking permanent or temporary residence permits.

These proposed changes to the law on the legal status of foreigners will be registered by the politician in the coming week.