Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
KVH Industries Recognized for Crew Welfare Enhancement

KVH Industries, Inc. has been honored with the 2023 CAREER4SEA Europort Award for Crew Welfare by the SAFETY4SEA organization and Europort. The award acknowledges KVH’s commitment to improving crew wellbeing through its connectivity solutions and crew content services.

KVH’s signature crew welfare service, KVH Link, offers a wide range of entertainment options such as news stories, movies, TV shows, music, and karaoke. This service aims to provide seafarers with individual diversion during their off-watch time and foster interaction and camaraderie among crew members. For vessels without a KVH hybrid or VSAT terminal, the KVH linkHUB solution delivers monthly blockbuster movies and TV programs via secure drives and an onboard media server.

To ensure continuous connectivity, KVH’s innovative TracNet terminals combine satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi technology with automatic switching capabilities. This allows vessels and crew to remain connected via the best available communication option at all times. KVH is the first company to provide such a fully integrated hybrid maritime solution.

Besides focusing on connectivity, KVH also works to remove financial and operational barriers for fleet owners and managers. They offer cost-effective subscription bundles for KVH Link, ensuring that a vessel’s data plan and internet speed are not affected. Additionally, their AgilePlans ONE service enables ships to bring world-class connectivity hardware onboard with no CAPEX, flexible monthly subscriptions, subsidized shipping and installation, and zero maintenance costs. Subscribers to AgilePlans ONE also receive NEWSlink Print and SPORTSlink Stats as part of their subscription.

Overall, KVH Industries is dedicated to supporting crew welfare for seafarers globally. They continuously strive to provide cutting-edge technology, services, and content to enhance the lives of crew members and ensure their connectivity needs are met.