Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. Reports Revenue Increase

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc.’s space, satellite, and cyber business has reported a 23% increase in revenue for the three months ending Sept. 30. This growth is attributed to the market uptake of its OpenSpace virtualized ground network.

Kratos has seen a book-to-bill rate of 1.4, indicating a strong demand for its services and products. With the increase in satellite launches, the company expects further growth in the near future.

OpenSpace is a software-based solution that replaces much of the ground station hardware. It offers a virtualized ground network for space operations. This technology has gained traction in the market and is a key driver of Kratos’ space division’s growth.

Kratos’ CEO, Eric M. DeMarco, has expressed confidence in the future prospects of OpenSpace. The company believes that the software-based approach will continue to gain popularity and drive revenue growth.

Overall, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. has seen positive performance in its space, satellite, and cyber business. The revenue increase and promising book-to-bill rate indicate a strong market demand for its innovative solutions. With the OpenSpace virtualized ground network as a key revenue driver, the company expects continued growth in the coming months and beyond.