Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Kosmiczny pociąg nad Polską. Dziś kolejny przelot Starlink

Skywatchers will have another opportunity to witness the passage of the “kosmiczny pociąg” or Starlink satellites today, November 10th. According to Nocne Niebo, a stargazing website, the next flyover of the telecommunications satellite system developed by SpaceX will be visible at 17:45. The satellites will appear in the western sky and move towards the south-east, with the flyover lasting approximately 10 minutes.

It is worth noting that the exact path of the Starlink satellites may vary depending on the location of the observer. Nocne Niebo has prepared sky maps in the form of animations, which provide a useful guide for enthusiasts wishing to experience this extraordinary sight. The maps include 49 cities in Poland.

To have a successful viewing experience, it is important to direct your gaze in the right direction. However, this may not always be enough. Clear and unobstructed skies are favorable for observations, but weather conditions are beyond our control. SpaceX continues to expand its network of satellites, which are deployed in low Earth orbit at three different altitudes. Currently, there are around 5,000 satellites in the constellation, with plans to have up to 12,000 in the future. The goal is to provide improved and more efficient internet connectivity to people around the world. Starlink internet is already available in Poland.