Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Keysight Introduces Phased Array Antenna Control and Calibration Solution for Satellite Communications

Keysight Technologies, Inc. has launched the Phased Array Antenna Control and Calibration solution, a groundbreaking over-the-air (OTA) calibration and characterization solution. This solution allows satellite designers to test their active electronically scanned array designs for satellite communications applications during the early validation stage.

As satellite networks operate at higher frequencies and use active phased array antenna systems to drive next-generation satellite communication, the need for efficient testing and calibration is crucial. These highly integrated systems require accurate measurement and verification of performance.

Key features and benefits of the Phased Array Antenna Control and Calibration solution include proprietary phased array calibration algorithms, which enable precise measurement of gain and phase. These algorithms, when combined with fast synchronization of RF test instruments, antenna positioning system, and phased array control hardware, reduce calibration times to minutes.

The solution also offers a wide variety of verification tests such as gain and phase calibration, EIRP, radiation pattern, cross-polarization isolation, gain compression, G/T, and modulation distortion. It provides an integrated solution with a user-friendly software interface that controls the antenna under test, Keysight’s high-performance test instruments, and the compact antenna test range positioner and temperature control unit.

Furthermore, this solution can be retrofitted into existing anechoic chambers with the addition of a PNA-X vector network analyzer and Phased Array Antenna Control and Calibration solution, maximizing the use of existing test chambers.

The Phased Array Antenna Control and Calibration solution is part of the Keysight Antenna Measurement Toolset, which offers a comprehensive set of antenna measurement tools and post-processing software for antenna patterns.

The adoption of phased array antenna technology in satellite communications calls for rapid and accurate calibration solutions. Keysight’s Phased Array Antenna Control and Calibration solution simplifies the calibration process, reducing it from hours or days to just minutes in a lab setting. This innovative solution is essential for reducing development and recurring costs for phased array antenna solutions.

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