Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
North Korea Notifies Japan of Satellite Launch

Japan has received notification from North Korea regarding its plan to launch a satellite between Thursday and December 1. Both Tokyo and Seoul believe that this could be North Korea’s third attempt to put a spy satellite into orbit, violating a UN ban. The Japanese Coast Guard was informed about the satellite launch, which is expected to be directed towards the Yellow Sea and East China Sea. South Korea’s state maritime safety agency has issued a warning to vessels for the same areas.

Earlier this year, Pyongyang attempted to launch a spy satellite twice but failed. However, recent reports suggest that North Korea may attempt another launch soon. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida strongly condemned this potential act, emphasizing that using ballistic missile technology for satellite launches is a violation of numerous UN Security Council resolutions and a significant threat to national security. Kishida also expressed Japan’s intention to work with the United States, South Korea, and other countries to urge North Korea not to proceed with the launch.

South Korea’s defense ministry is closely monitoring the planned launch and has noted that previous attempts took place during the early hours of the designated launch window. Officials in Seoul believe that there is a possibility of success for North Korea’s third attempt. In response, South Korea has warned Pyongyang that launching the missile could lead to the suspension of the inter-Korean agreement to reduce tensions and resume front-line aerial surveillance.

A senior South Korean military officer, Kang Hopil, has stated that necessary measures will be taken to protect the lives and safety of the people if North Korea proceeds with the launch despite the warning.