Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
A Starlink Train Spotted Over Mississauga Creates Stir Online

A video capturing a Starlink train passing over Mississauga has generated a significant online reaction. The sight of a string of bright lights in the night sky, caused by the close-proximity Starlink satellites in orbit, often leads to UFO sightings due to their unusual appearance.

The Starlink project, conceived by billionaire Elon Musk, aims to provide global internet by launching thousands of satellites into space. Currently, a mega-constellation is under development by SpaceX, planning to have 42,000 satellites in orbit, with 4,198 already deployed as of May 31.

The Starlink trains, where satellites are deployed in close proximity, are a rare sight, visible only shortly after launch. As they ascend to an orbit level of 550 km above Earth, they disperse and become increasingly difficult to spot.

The video of the Starlink train spotted over Mississauga was shared on Instagram and has generated a range of reactions in the comment section. Some viewers made comical remarks, while others delved into conspiracy theories about aliens and secret government projects like Project Bluebeam and HAARP.

The Starlink satellite plan has sparked concerns about private companies monopolizing space and the potential light pollution caused by the increasing number of satellite constellations. Space agencies are urging government agencies to introduce regulations to mitigate this issue.

While many tech companies share the goal of achieving widespread global internet coverage, the prospect of private entities controlling space has raised questions about access and competition. In response to Musk’s plans, even China has announced its intention to launch 13,000 satellites into orbit.

If you want to view a Starlink train in your area, you can use the Starlink locator website to find out when the next sighting is scheduled.