Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Ireland’s First Satellite Set to Launch into Space

Ireland’s first-ever satellite, EIRSAT-1, is scheduled to be launched into space in just a few weeks. The satellite, designed, built, and tested at UCD (University College Dublin), will be sent into orbit from California on November 29th.

EIRSAT-1 is a miniature cube satellite, also known as a cubesat, and it has taken six years to develop. Once it leaves the Earth’s atmosphere, it will become the first satellite made in Ireland.

The satellite will carry out three experiments. The first experiment involves a gamma ray detector, which will provide insights into gamma-ray bursts. The second experiment focuses on material science and aims to provide thermal control for the spacecraft, ensuring it remains hot or cold as required. Lastly, there is a control experiment developed entirely at UCD, which aims to point and orientate the spacecraft in a novel way that has not been used before.

This exciting milestone in Irish space exploration showcases the growing capabilities and contributions of UCD and the Centre for Space Research. The launch of EIRSAT-1 signifies Ireland’s entrĂ©e into the global space industry, opening up opportunities for further advancements and research.

The development and successful launch of EIRSAT-1 exemplify the dedication and expertise of the UCD team behind this project. This achievement is not only a significant step for Ireland but also a testament to the progress made in the field of space exploration globally.

As the countdown to launch date continues, excitement builds for the future of Irish space exploration. The launch of Ireland’s first satellite is a proud moment for the country and a reflection of the innovative and progressive scientific research being conducted at UCD.