Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Apple iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS Feature Saves Hikers in New Zealand

The Emergency SOS via satellite feature on the Apple iPhone 14 has proven to be a lifeline for two hikers in New Zealand. The hikers found themselves trapped on a riverbank in Arthur’s Pass National Park as water levels rose due to heavy rain runoff.

Unable to navigate the danger, the hikers activated the Emergency SOS feature on their iPhone 14 to call for help. This feature connects directly to satellites, allowing authorities to be alerted to the hikers’ predicament.

The rescue operation was carried out by New Zealand air and rescue ambulance operator GCH Aviation and Canterbury West Air Rescue Service. Canterbury West confirmed their involvement in the operation through an Instagram post, highlighting the importance of having the iPhone 14’s SOS feature when venturing into remote areas.

“Did you know that an iPhone 14 has an SOS feature that can connect via satellite and alert authorities if you become lost or injured out in the backcountry?” wrote Canterbury West. “Yesterday we were able to respond to some hikers stranded in a river because they had this technology with them.”

This is not the first time that Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature has come to the rescue. In another incident earlier this year, two tourists who were lost in an area without cellphone signal in the Apennine Mountains were saved by activating the feature on their iPhone 14. They were able to send a satellite text message for help, and were subsequently rescued by the local fire department.

Similarly, a hiker in California’s Angeles National Forest was also rescued thanks to the Emergency SOS via satellite feature on their iPhone 14.

The Emergency SOS feature on the Apple iPhone 14 is proving to be a valuable tool for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who find themselves in emergencies without access to a traditional cellular network. Its ability to connect via satellite ensures that help can be summoned even in the most remote locations.