Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
ABI Research Explores the Rising Satellite NTN Market

There will be over 175 million Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) mobile connections worldwide by 2030, according to a recent white paper by ABI Research. The adoption of satellite services in the communication sector is increasing due to the deployment of satellite constellations for low-latency, high-throughput network applications and to expand terrestrial network coverage. These transitions are projected to generate $124.6 billion in annual satellite services revenue by the end of the decade.

This growth is attributed to the convergence of satellite communications and terrestrial cellular networks. The Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) initiative is making a significant impact on the Satellite Communications (SatCom) industry, with various satellite operators seeking to capitalize on this market opportunity. Smartphone manufacturers and chipset makers are also showing interest in supporting satellite communications via Narrowband (NB)-NTN, NTN unmodified, and eventually, 5G New Radio (NR)-NTN.

The smaller form factor of satellites, along with reduced launch costs by 98%, thanks to SpaceX’s reusable rockets, and standardized satellite bus and payload design, have played a crucial role in the affordability of satellite launches. These developments have enabled the provision of SatCom services to a broader audience, driving further market advancements.

To understand better how IoT and NTN mobile technologies are propelling the $124.6 billion satellite services market and their implications for SatCom providers, mobile operators, and technology vendors, ABI Research encourages readers to download their white paper, The Ascending Satellite NTN Market.

The white paper is part of ABI Research’s Satellite Communications research service, which offers in-depth technical and quantitative analysis of the SatCom Market. Along with valuable research insights and extensive market data, ABI Research’s service provides expert guidance to clients, assisting them in identifying challenges, understanding markets, and optimizing technology investments and strategies.

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