Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
50+ Innovations Shaping the Retail Industry

Not all innovations follow a constant upward trend. Instead, their evolution takes the form of an S-shaped curve that reflects their lifecycle from emergence to adoption, stabilization, and maturity.

According to GlobalData’s Technology Foresights, there are 50+ innovation areas shaping the future of the retail industry. Automated self-service kiosks and in-store theft monitoring are disruptive technologies in the emerging stage. Robotic warehouse management, autonomous delivery vehicle navigation systems, and interactive vending kiosks are accelerating innovations. NFC product tagging and smart PoS systems are examples of maturing innovations.

One key innovation area within the Internet of Things (IoT) is modular autonomous delivery bots. These systems employ modular devices capable of autonomous transportation and delivery. The modular design allows for customization and easy replacement of components.

GlobalData’s analysis identifies companies at the forefront of each innovation area. Over 110 companies, including technology vendors, established retail companies, and start-ups, are engaged in the development and application of modular autonomous delivery bots.

Leading patent filers in this area include Toyota Motor, Cox Enterprises, Walmart, Nuro, and Didi Global. Walmart recently initiated trials of robotic vending machines near its headquarters, providing snacks and beverages to customers waiting for curbside pickup.

Oshkosh is the leading company in modular autonomous delivery bots, followed by Cox Enterprises and Emerging Automotive. In terms of geographic reach, Nuro leads the pack, followed by FedEx and Alphabet.

Modular autonomous delivery bots are reshaping last-mile delivery by offering optimum efficiency, cost savings, and adaptability. Their modular design caters to varied payload sizes and delivery needs. Retail companies are increasingly adopting these bots to enhance their efficiency.

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