Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Stationary Retailers Can Now Offer SpaceX Starlink Internet to Customers

Stationary retailers now have the opportunity to offer their customers internet connections through the SpaceX Starlink satellite network. This is made possible through an agreement made with marketing agency Nonplusultra.

In Germany, there are still areas without access to fast internet. However, SpaceX Starlink provides an alternative to mobile networks, cable, DSL, or fiber-optic connections. The only requirement is a direct line of sight to the Starlink satellite network. With specialized antennas that resemble satellite dishes for television reception, it is now possible to establish high-speed internet connections not only in Germany but also worldwide.

At the IFA 2023 event in Berlin, SpaceX Starlink showcased the possibilities of high-speed satellite internet to retailers and potential users. Nonplusultra, the marketing agency, has entered into a distribution agreement with Starlink. Retail chains such as Fnac, Media Saturn, Currys, Digitec, and Elkjop already utilize the distribution capabilities provided by the agency. Nonplusultra emphasizes that they are also open to non-cooperating resellers.

As a retail growth specialist, Nonplusultra combines specialized knowledge and strategic partner management with omni-channel marketing, business intelligence, data analysis, field sales, merchandising, Amazon and marketplace management, and brand experience creation. Nonplusultra’s founder and CEO, Benjamin Gehring, expressed excitement over the collaboration with Starlink, stating that leading companies in the industry have placed their trust in their capabilities. This partnership can contribute to increasing the number of consumers in Europe who require access to high-quality high-speed internet services.

The agency positions itself as an “important partner for consumer electronics brands” aiming to establish a presence in the European market. They have solidified their reputation with globally recognized brands such as Meta, Ring, and Bang & Olufsen, ensuring effective market entry and sustainable expansion in the diverse European retail landscape.

Overall, the collaboration between Nonplusultra and Starlink aims to provide consumers with reliable and fast internet connections, fostering a connected future.