Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Intelsat to Provide U.S Army with Managed Satellite Communications

Intelsat, a leading operator of satellite and terrestrial networks, has been awarded a contract to provide the U.S Army with flexible and fully managed multi-orbit satellite communications (SATCOM) support. This marks the Army’s first-ever Satellite Communication (SATCOM) as a Managed Service (SaaMS) contract.

The pilot program aims to demonstrate that a commercially-managed SATCOM model can deliver advanced equipment and high-quality customer service to meet the Army’s rapid deployment and surge requirements for different missions. Intelsat, being the largest and most trusted provider of SATCOM services to the U.S. Government, understands the Army’s need for a new managed subscription service.

The scope of the SaaMS pilot includes end-to-end managed subscription services for connectivity with commercial teleports and internet services. Intelsat’s solution utilizes their Intelsat Flex services for geostationary (GEO) connections and a well-known commercial low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite service provider for a LEO option. The pilot will offer worldwide coverage through leased satellite terminals and services with 24×7 support.

One key advantage of the Intelsat system is its ability to redeploy terminals without changing configuration or service plans, providing the Army with the flexibility to respond quickly to various mission requirements around the globe.

Intelsat is a global leader in seamless and secure satellite-based communications. Their next-generation worldwide network and managed services cater to government, non-government organizations, and commercial customers. With a legacy of innovation and a focus on the digital transformation of the industry, Intelsat continues to lead the way in providing reliable satellite communications services.

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