Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Intelsat and Aalyria Technologies Partner to Enhance Satellite Communications

Global satellite fleet operator Intelsat has reached an agreement with Aalyria Technologies to revolutionize satellite communications. The collaboration aims to establish a bi-directional optical ground and space network by 2024, enhancing data transfer speeds to hundreds of gigabits per second.

The network will leverage Aalyria’s optical communications technology, which was initially developed at Alphabet, Google’s parent company. The technology, called Tightbeam, will be combined with Aalyria’s network orchestration technology known as Spacetime. This partnership is a significant step towards achieving the goal of multi-terabit throughput from space.

According to Chris Taylor, the founder and CEO of Aalyria, accelerated data transfer is essential for the future space economy. The partnership has the potential to revolutionize how data is moved on the planet, from Earth to the moon, Mars, and beyond.

In a statement, Bruno Fromont, Chief Technology Officer of Intelsat, expressed excitement about the collaboration. He emphasized that Aalyria’s groundbreaking technologies will enable highly secure connectivity at unprecedented speeds, opening up new possibilities in satellite communications.

Intelsat, known for its fleet of geostationary communications satellites, is considering expanding its constellation to medium Earth orbit. This collaboration with Aalyria indicates Intelsat’s commitment to embracing innovative technologies and advancing the next generation of satellite networks.

Aalyria, based in Livermore, California, is actively demonstrating its Spacetime technology through the Defense Innovation Unit’s Hybrid Space Architecture (HSA). The HSA project aims to connect commercial and government satellites with secure high-speed data connections on a global scale.

Successful partnerships are built on relationships, science, and a shared vision. Chris Taylor expressed his enthusiasm about partnering with Intelsat, highlighting their compatibility and the opportunities it brings to both companies. With Intelsat’s reputation as a multi-satellite operator, the collaboration provides a perfect platform for Aalyria to support their business and continue developing their capabilities.

The partnership between Intelsat and Aalyria Technologies marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of advanced satellite communications. With their combined expertise and cutting-edge technologies, they are poised to reshape the future of global connectivity.