Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Intellian Technologies and Marlink Renew Strategic Partnership for Five Years

Intellian Technologies and Marlink have announced the renewal of their strategic partnership for an additional five years. As part of the partnership, Intellian will continue to supply hybrid connectivity terminals to end users of Marlink.

The renewed partnership will also involve joint product development aimed at enhancing hybrid connectivity across various satellite networks. This includes Geostationary Orbit (GEO), Medium-Earth Orbit (MEO), and Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) networks. Marlink has existing deals with SES for O3b mPOWER, Starlink, and OneWeb, giving them access to capacity across all three orbits.

The collaboration between Intellian and Marlink dates back to 2010. Marlink specializes in offering managed solutions primarily in the maritime market, while Intellian provides a portfolio of satellite terminals for both maritime and land applications, including multi-orbit and multi-band systems.

In a statement, Intellian CEO Eric Sung expressed his excitement about the renewed partnership and the opportunities it presents. He emphasized the companies’ successful track record of collaboration and innovation over the past 12 years. Sung also highlighted their shared vision to leverage emerging technologies and combine their expertise to deliver innovative connectivity solutions for the maritime, land, and government sectors.

The extended partnership between Intellian and Marlink signifies their commitment to meet the evolving needs of their customers and continue driving advancements in satellite connectivity. Together, they aim to shape the future of connectivity solutions through technological innovation and industry collaboration.