Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
Huawei Unveils Latest Foldable Device in China

Huawei has announced its latest foldable device, the Mate X5, specifically designed for the Chinese market. Although the vendor did not provide details on the chipset or compatible connectivity system, media speculations suggest that the device supports 5G capabilities.

The Mate X5, showcased on Huawei’s Chinese site, highlights its aesthetically pleasing folding design, camera quality, satellite connectivity compatibility, and strong signal. Huawei attributes the device’s strong signal to the use of an AI algorithm that selects the best network.

Similar to the Mate 60 Pro, which was introduced less than two weeks ago, Huawei has not disclosed information about the chipset used or the available network connectivity options in the specifications. This has led industry sources to speculate that the Mate X5 may incorporate Huawei’s in-house chips to enable 5G functionality.

Following a teardown and speed tests of Huawei’s latest devices, several publications, including Nikkei Asia, have referred to both the Mate X5 and the Mate 60 Pro as 5G devices. This has further increased interest in the chip used in the Mate 60 Pro, leading the US national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, to request more information about its composition.

As a result of ongoing sanctions by the US, Huawei faces restrictions on technology supply from various companies. Despite these challenges, Huawei continues to innovate in the mobile market.

The Mate X5 boasts a 7.85-inch inner screen and a 6.4-inch external screen. It is equipped with a triple rear camera system, featuring a 50MP main unit, an 8MP front camera, and a 5060mAh battery for enhanced power efficiency.

Although pricing details have not been released, the Mate X5 is expected to be shipped later this month. Along with this new foldable offering, Huawei has also introduced an upgraded version of the Mate 60 Pro, known as the Mate 60 Pro+.