Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
The Revival of Satellite Cafe in Hotel Hot Springs

Hotel owner Keith Holland is not only focused on the revival of Coy’s Steakhouse at the Hotel Hot Springs but also on the reopening of the Satellite Cafe in the hotel lobby. Holland previously owned the popular coffeehouse and restaurant located in Little Rock’s Heights neighborhood, which closed in 2010 after three years of operation.

The new Satellite Cafe will be situated in a 1,200 square feet space that was previously occupied by a hotel spa. It will have seating capacity for approximately 65 diners. As part of the expansion plans, Holland intends to purchase land adjacent to the hotel at 305 Malvern Ave. in downtown Hot Springs. On this site, he will construct a new spa, a pool, and a fitness center.

While some of the old menu items from the previous Satellite Cafe will be featured, similar to the approach taken with Coy’s Steakhouse, Holland plans to streamline the menu offerings.

The decision to bring back Satellite Cafe was encouraged by Holland’s business partner, Bob Bomar. Holland expressed his enthusiasm for the reopening, stating that he has all the necessary resources such as menus and recipes, making the process straightforward.

The revived Satellite Cafe aims to cater to nostalgic customers who have missed the establishment. Although it may not generate as much attention as Coy’s, Holland believes it will appeal to a significant number of patrons.

Overall, in addition to the revival of Coy’s Steakhouse, the reopening of Satellite Cafe presents an exciting new venture for Keith Holland and his team at the Hotel Hot Springs.