Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Aegiq Expanding into Network and Computing Space with Integrated Photonics Quantum Hardware

Aegiq co-founder and CEO, Maksym Sich, revealed at the Defense and Security Equipment International event in London that the company is actively developing chip technology to expand their presence in the network and computing sector. Aegiq is known for producing compact yet powerful integrated photonics quantum hardware.

Sich expressed Aegiq’s commitment to advancing their expertise in chip technology, which will be instrumental in furthering their expansion efforts. The company aims to utilize their experience in creating integrated photonics quantum hardware, applying it to develop a range of innovative chip technology solutions.

By leveraging integrated photonics quantum hardware, Aegiq intends to enhance their offerings in the realms of network and computing. This technology holds immense potential for revolutionizing these sectors, as it allows for the creation of highly efficient and powerful computing systems. Aegiq’s focus on compactness and power will contribute to developing chip technology that is both effective and efficient.

While specific details about the chip technology being developed were not disclosed, it can be expected that Aegiq’s track record in producing compact and powerful quantum hardware will translate into equally impressive chip solutions. By expanding into the network and computing space, Aegiq aims to make significant contributions to the advancement of these industries.

In conclusion, Aegiq is actively working on chip technology to expand their presence in the network and computing sector. With their background in creating compact and powerful integrated photonics quantum hardware, Aegiq is well-positioned to offer innovative chip solutions. By leveraging this technology, the company hopes to drive advancements in the network and computing industries.