Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
HD+ Introduces Live Pause and Restart to DTH Satellite TV with HbbTV OpApp

HD+ has recently introduced a new feature to its direct-to-home (DTH) satellite TV service, bringing live pause and restart capabilities to viewers. This new feature is made possible through the implementation of the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) OpApp.

With the HbbTV OpApp, HD+ subscribers can now pause and rewind live TV broadcasts, as well as restart a program from the beginning if they join it late. This provides viewers with greater convenience and flexibility in their TV viewing experience.

The introduction of live pause and restart is a significant advancement for DTH satellite TV services. Previously, viewers had to miss out on certain parts of a program if they needed to take a break or if they joined in late. With this new feature, viewers have the freedom to pause and resume live TV according to their own schedules.

HD+ is continuously working towards enhancing the user experience for its subscribers. The addition of live pause and restart to its DTH satellite TV service not only improves convenience but also allows viewers to have more control over their TV viewing.

Furthermore, the implementation of HbbTV OpApp technology signifies HD+’s commitment to innovating and leveraging new technologies to provide cutting-edge services to its customers. The HbbTV OpApp is an open standard that enables the integration of broadcast and broadband services, allowing for more interactive and engaging TV experiences.

In conclusion, HD+ has introduced live pause and restart capabilities to its DTH satellite TV service through the implementation of HbbTV OpApp. This new feature enhances the user experience by providing viewers with greater flexibility and control over their TV viewing. HD+ continues to strive for innovation, ensuring that its subscribers receive the best possible TV experience.