Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Exploring the Wonders of Guizhou at Big Data Expo and FAST

The digital economy and the importance of data as a factor of production have positioned Guiyang and Guian New District in Guizhou as a leading force in the development of the big data industry. Known as “China’s Digital Valley,” these regions in southwest China have embraced technological advancements and are shaping the future direction of development.

In addition to their contributions to the digital economy, Guiyang and Guian New District are also home to the “Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope” (FAST). As a major scientific and technological infrastructure project completed on September 25, 2016, FAST has expanded mankind’s understanding of the universe. It enables researchers to explore the origin and evolution of the universe, attracting the interest and collaboration of international scientific research institutions.

To showcase the wonders of Guizhou, a short video series called “Be My Guest ยท Modern Guizhou” was created by Guizhou Satellite TV. The series invites foreigners to experience the local culture through reality shows. One episode features Adolf Robert Michael, a young man from Germany, who expresses his fascination with Guizhou’s culture and technological advancements. He gained popularity on the Internet by sharing videos of his experiences in the ethnic minority villages of Guizhou.

During his visit, Adolf Robert Michael attended the International Big Data Industry Expo, where he encountered various cutting-edge technologies. He also explored the Dadaihe Sinkhole, the largest sinkhole discovered so far, located in the astronomical town of Pingtang County. By witnessing Guizhou’s scientific and technological development, he discovered a different facet of the region.

Adolf Robert Michael was astonished by the scientific and technological advancements in Guizhou. He praised the enthusiastic ethnic minorities and the technological products that have the potential to transform lives in the future. His appreciation for Guizhou’s culture and technology inspires him to further explore the region in the future.