Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
The Charm of Guizhou Bridges

The canyons in Guizhou are scattered and pitted, with peaks and stone forests spread throughout the area. Despite the lack of flat ground, bridges have been erected to connect the mountains, creating a man-made “plain of highways” in Guizhou. Anshun, located in the central and western part of Guizhou Province, is known as the “China’s Township of Waterfall,” “Township of Fortress Culture,” “Township of Batik,” and “Beauty in Western China.”

The Baling River Bridge, situated above the Baling River, is a prime example of the “Integration of Bridge & Tourism” in Guizhou. It spans the waterway, starting from the Guanling interchange in the west and reaching the 320 National Highway in the east. It plays a significant role in the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway (National Highway G60).

The short video series “Be My Guest ยท Modern Guizhou” showcases the real lives of foreigners visiting Guizhou through reality shows. In one episode, Sana, a journalism and media studies student from Tunisia, was invited to Anshun by her friend, Lu Yonglin, an outdoor travel enthusiast. They witnessed the stunning Huangguoshu Waterfall and experienced the beauty of Dishui Beach Waterfall. They immersed themselves in the local culture, enjoying food and music near the gurgling waterfalls. The natural beauty of Guizhou left a profound impression on them.

They also ventured onto the Baling River Bridge, taking a motorcycle ride and experiencing a “High-altitude Trek” along the suspension steel frame. They even challenged themselves with bungee jumping from the platform, experiencing the world’s highest commercial bungee jumping. They listened to the stories of the thousands of bridges in Guizhou told by locals, highlighting how these bridges have turned impassable gaps into accessible pathways, fostering friendly diplomatic relations between China and the world.

Sana expressed her excitement about the beauty of Anshun and her desire to stay and explore more of Guizhou’s scenic beauty. She hopes to have more opportunities to visit Guizhou and create lasting memories.