Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
GEOST Selected by Northrop Grumman to Build Starlite Resiliency Payload for Tracking Layer Satellites

GEOST, LLC. (GEOST), a LightRidge Solutions Company, has been chosen by Northrop Grumman to construct and deliver the Starlite resiliency payload for Tracking Layer Tranche 1 satellites. These satellites are being developed for the Space Development Agency and are scheduled for launch in 2025. GEOST will provide eight Starlite payloads along with a ground system that will be integrated with the Tranche 1 Tracking Layer.

The Starlite system is a compact and cost-effective solution compared to its predecessors. With a size approximately equivalent to that of a can of soda, the Starlite payload can be utilized for various government and commercial distributed satellite constellations, regardless of their mission requirements.

The Chief Growth & Strategy Officer of LightRidge Solutions, Joshua Hartman, emphasized the importance of the GEOST Starlite payload in enhancing resiliency. He stated that as threats to space assets increase, the implementation of Starlite on the Tracking Layer constellation and other satellites will provide significant resiliency in a rapid and affordable manner. This new paradigm is especially critical for the growing number of government and commercial distributed satellite architectures.

GEOST, LLC, a subsidiary of LightRidge Solutions, has become a prominent designer, producer, and integrator of small, cost-effective, and high-performance electro-optical/infrared sensors for critical National Security Space missions. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has served its core National Security Space customer base. With approximately 170 professionals, GEOST is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, and operates additional facilities in Northern Virginia and Los Angeles, California.

LightRidge Solutions, the parent company of GEOST, is recognized for its expertise in designing, developing, and producing small, cost-effective, and high-performance space and airborne sensors, payloads, and related technologies. Its operating units, GEOST, LLC., and Ophir Corporation, have been selected for defense and national security projects for over 50 years, providing effective solutions for mission-critical sensor and payload challenges.