Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
Five Technologies that Will Transform the Digital Future of Organizations

Gartner has identified five technologies that have the potential to transform the digital future of organizations. These technologies are digital humans, satellite communications, tiny ambient IoT, secure computation, and autonomic robots.

Satellite communications, particularly low earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications, are gaining increased interest due to the democratization and commercialization of space. LEO offers low latency and has the potential to revolutionize communications for enterprises. It can deliver broadband with global coverage, provide direct satellite connection for small IoT devices, and extend coverage to remote locations.

Tiny ambient IoT enables tagging, tracking, and sensing of anything without the complexity or cost of battery-powered devices. This technology allows for unobtrusive sensing of more information, leading to new ecosystems, business models, and smarter products. However, potential social and regulatory issues should be assessed before adoption.

Secure computation is becoming crucial as more devices are connected and personal information is accessed. It allows data to be exploited without compromising privacy. Implementation of secure computation can be challenging, but emerging technologies like optical accelerators can help enable its deployment.

Digital humans are interactive, AI-driven representations that imitate human characteristics, personality, knowledge, and mindset. They can be physical or virtual and have various applications. However, there are challenges associated with digital humans, including ethical concerns, creation of bias and stereotypes, and cultural differences.

Autonomic systems, such as drones and robots, are self-managing systems that exhibit autonomy, learning, and agency. These systems are essential for achieving the full potential of technologies like robots. However, there are challenges in understanding what these systems have learned and their limitations. Gartner recommends piloting them in complex and rapidly changing environments, considering the business, legal, and ethical consequences.

These five technologies are potentially transformational, enabling new business models and capabilities. Organizations are advised to evaluate them from their unique perspective and consider the opportunities they bring individually or in combination.