Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
Call for Art to Beautify Old Satellite Dish

Two local arts organizations in Richland, Washington, are seeking assistance from the community to enhance the visual appeal of an unused satellite dish located outside the Arts Center Task Force Office. The Arts Center Task Force (ACTF) and Arts Foundation of the Mid-Columbia (AFMC) are welcoming artists to contribute their creative talents to this unusual canvas.

The initiative aims to transform the old satellite dish into a work of art that adds vibrancy and uniqueness to the area. By engaging local artists, the organizations hope to foster a sense of community and promote artistic expression.

The call for art invites individuals to submit their designs and ideas for the satellite dish. Artists from all backgrounds and experience levels are encouraged to participate, with the goal of embracing the diverse artistic perspectives within the community. This project provides an opportunity for artists to showcase their skills and contribute to the local art scene.

Through this collaboration, the ACTF and AFMC aim to enliven public space and promote creativity within the community. By beautifying the old satellite dish, they hope to create an engaging visual experience for residents and visitors alike.

The deadline for art submissions will be announced shortly, and guidelines for participation will be available on the organizations’ websites. The selected artwork will be displayed on the satellite dish for an extended period, allowing the public to enjoy the transformed installation.

This joint initiative by the ACTF and AFMC presents a unique platform for local artists to leave their mark and contribute to the cultural landscape of the area. It is an exciting opportunity for community involvement and artistic collaboration.