Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Rural Broadband ISP Gigaclear Expands Network in Hampshire

Rural-focused broadband ISP Gigaclear has announced plans to expand its gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network in Hampshire, UK. The company, which has already built a network in 24 counties across the country, will add an additional 1,500 premises in the large village of Kingsclere upon completion. This project is part of an £18 million investment in underserved rural communities in Hampshire.

Gigaclear has limited presence in the county currently, with some of their other builds in neighbouring areas like Eversley and Bramley. However, the expansion into Kingsclere marks a significant milestone for the company. Engineer work has already begun, and the first homes in Kingsclere are expected to be able to connect to the network from November 2023. The build itself is set to be completed by Spring 2024.

Gigaclear offers various broadband packages to customers. Their symmetric 200Mbps package starts at £17 per month (£41.50 after 18 months), while their top 830Mbps plan is priced at £49 per month (£82 after 18 months). All packages include a wireless router and free installation.

Gigaclear’s mission is to address the digital divide between urban and rural areas by providing faster broadband speeds to residents in rural villages and towns. The company aims to expand their full fibre network to “over” 1 million premises by 2027, with a milestone of reaching 500,000 properties by 2024. This expansion project in Hampshire is part of their wider investment strategy, which is estimated to be worth around £1.1 billion.

By bringing faster broadband speeds to rural communities, Gigaclear aims to ensure that residents have the same opportunities as those in towns and cities. The company believes that access to high-speed internet is essential for remote work, online entertainment, and other digital activities.