Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
Frequency Electronics, Inc.: Precision Timing and Frequency Control Products

Frequency Electronics, Inc. is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of precision timing, frequency generation, and radio frequency control products. The company operates through two segments: FEI-NY and FEI-Zyfer.

The FEI-NY segment focuses on providing precision time, frequency generation, and synchronization products and subsystems. These products are used on-board satellites, in ground-based communication systems, and embedded in mobile platforms operated by the United States military.

FEI-Zyfer is responsible for the design, development, and manufacturing of products that offer Precision Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions. Their products primarily make use of Global Navigation Satellite System(s) technology, incorporating both in-the-clear civil and crypto-secured military signals for global positioning systems (GPS). FEI-Zyfer’s products are integrated into radar systems, information networks, test equipment, military command and control terminals, and satellite ground stations.

Frequency Electronics, Inc. plays a crucial role in space and terrestrial applications. Their precision timing and frequency control products ensure accurate timekeeping and synchronization, which are essential for various industries including telecommunications, navigation, and military operations.

With their expertise in precision timing, frequency generation, and radio frequency control, Frequency Electronics, Inc. continues to provide innovative solutions that meet the demands of the market. Their products are known for their reliability, accuracy, and performance.

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