Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Flexjet Launches Starlink by SpaceX – The Ultimate In-Flight Connectivity Solution

Flexjet, a leading private aviation company, has partnered with Starlink, the broadband satellite internet provider, to offer its aircraft Owners in-flight Wi-Fi access that rivals the connectivity found in boardrooms. This collaboration makes Flexjet the first shared ownership jet travel provider to provide fast and reliable internet access for its passengers. With this advancement, passengers can now make voice and video calls, stream videos, and perform internet activities that demand high-speed capabilities, enhancing their overall flight experience.

The implementation of Starlink is the result of an 18-month process that involved a thorough technology evaluation and close collaboration between Flexjet, Nextant Aerospace, Flexjet’s engineering arm, and Starlink. Jay Heublein, the leader of Flexjet Global Maintenance and Product division, expressed the company’s commitment to providing a superior travel experience for their Owners, which includes high-quality internet access from takeoff to arrival. Heublein considers Starlink’s technology to be the most significant advancement for private jet travel in the last two decades and believes that it will meet and exceed Owners’ expectations for reliable connectivity.

Starlink, created by SpaceX, has a network of more than 4,500 satellites in low-Earth orbit that provide internet access to remote and rural areas, as well as aviation and maritime users worldwide. Chad Gibbs, SpaceX’s Vice President of Starlink Business Operations, commended Flexjet for being the first global business jet operator to adopt Starlink’s reliable high-speed internet solution. Starlink was specifically designed to address the reliability issues faced by older systems and boasts a phased array antenna with no moving parts, making it resistant to environmental variances that can affect performance.

The Federal Aviation Administration has certified Starlink’s technology for use in Flexjet’s Gulfstream G650s. Upon completion of antenna installation on the Gulfstream fleet, the company will move on to certify and install the technology on its super-mid, mid, and light jet fleets. Once the technology is installed, Flexjet passengers will have internet access as soon as they board the aircraft, without any disruptions during ascend or descend.

Flexjet sees seamless and high-speed internet access as an essential part of modern travel. The company believes that by incorporating Starlink’s technology, they can keep their Owners connected no matter where they are in the world. As a global leader in private aviation, Flexjet offers fractional jet ownership, leasing, and other services. They are known for their commitment to safety and excellence, with numerous awards and certifications to their name. With the introduction of Starlink’s advanced connectivity solution, Flexjet continues to prioritize delivering an exceptional travel experience for their Owners.