Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
FETC International Showcases AI-Enabled RFID MLFF and 5G RFID ETC Duo Mode System at Smart Nation Expo

FETC International, an innovative transportation solutions leader, will be showcasing its AI-enabled RFID MLFF solution and groundbreaking 5G RFID ETC Duo Mode System at the prestigious 2023 Smart Nation Expo. This event focuses on digital technologies that drive smart city development, providing the ideal platform for FETC International to demonstrate its commitment to revolutionizing the industry.

One of FETC International’s significant milestones is its 5G RFID ETC Duo Mode Tolling System Trial on Taiwan’s Highway. The company’s next-generation tolling system integrates 5G-V2X technology with RFID MLFF, making the ITS landscape smarter, safer, and seamlessly connected. By gathering data from civil IoT platforms, micro weather stations, maps, and 5G roadside units, FETC International can offer real-time personal information, such as location, toll fees, weather, traffic conditions, and safety alerts.

The solution also benefits toll road operators by providing equipment maintenance scheduling, O&M personnel dispatching, severe weather warnings, and equipment lifecycle forecasting. In Taiwan, the solution has already been used to maintain system operation and ensure road and staff safety during typhoon season or severe thunderstorms.

At the Smart Nation Expo, FETC International will conduct live demonstrations of its 5G RFID ETC Duo Mode System. Experts will guide attendees through interactive displays, showcasing how these innovations can streamline toll collection, reduce congestion, enhance travel safety, and contribute to the development of smarter cities.

“FETC International is excited to be part of the 2023 Smart Nation Expo, where we can showcase our cutting-edge tolling solutions,” said Richard Wu, Vice President of FETC International. “We believe that these innovations have immense potential to transform toll collection, making it more efficient, safe, and in line with the evolving needs of smart nations.”

Visit FETC International’s booth at MITEC Hall 8 Level 2 No. 8155 (within New Taipei Pavilion), where they will co-exhibit with MOXA under the theme “Digital Malaysia/Smart Nation Powered by MLFF & V2X.” FETC International is the world’s leading intelligent tolling service enabler and ITS service provider, striving to accelerate digital transformation through tolling services and migration to smart highways and smart cities.

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SOURCE: FETC International.