Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Eutelsat Aims for Growth in Space-Based Internet Service Industry

Eutelsat, a prominent player in the space-based internet service industry, is optimistic about its potential in this emerging market. Despite strong competition from the likes of Jeff Bezos and various Chinese government-backed satellite initiatives, Eutelsat believes that there is room for more players to prevent monopolization.

The company not only plans to challenge existing services but also has a roadmap for expansion. By 2028, Eutelsat aims to launch the second generation of OneWeb services, further enhancing its offerings in the industry. Additionally, it actively participates in the European Union’s IRIS2 project, which aims to create a comprehensive satellite network. Eutelsat sees potential synergies between OneWeb and IRIS2, envisioning cross-participation of payloads on each other’s satellites.

To address security concerns regarding its operations in the United Kingdom, Eutelsat has established a security committee. This move is in response to scrutiny over the British government’s “golden share” in OneWeb, which grants it special rights and influence over the company. The security committee will oversee access to sensitive data, ensuring that any potential security risks are mitigated effectively.

Despite the competitive landscape and regulatory challenges, Eutelsat President, Rodolphe Belmer, remains confident about finalizing a deal by early next year. With the growing demand for space-based internet services and the company’s ambitious plans for expansion, Eutelsat is poised for continued growth in this industry.

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