Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Es’hailSat Showcasing Playout and Media Services at IBC Exhibition

The annual IBC exhibition in Amsterdam will take place from September 15 to September 18. Among the attendees and exhibitors will be Es’hailSat, a platform that caters to the broadcast, content delivery, digital media, and satellite sectors across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Es’hailSat will be highlighting the launch of their Playout and Media services, along with their satellites Es’hail-1 and Es’hail-2, at the event. These satellites currently transmit premium DTH (Direct-to-Home) television content from the 25.5°/26° East hotspot.

Es’hail-2, specifically designed with anti-jamming capabilities, is positioned at the 26° East hotspot for TV broadcasting. It offers premium DTH television content throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Es’hailSat also operates a state-of-the-art 50,000 sqm teleport in Doha. This facility provides customers with secure and independent satellite transmission, supporting services such as TT&C (Telemetry, Tracking, and Command) and capacity management. Additionally, it offers a wide range of value-added services including uplink, downlink, multiplexing, encoding, playout, VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal), and more. The teleport also serves as a backup studio for TV channels and as a disaster recovery facility for customers.

Mr. Ali Al Kuwari, President and CEO of Es’hailSat, expressed his enthusiasm for the exhibition and the opportunity it provides to engage with customers and partners. He highlighted the importance of the newly launched Playout and Media services and the 50,000 sqm teleport in expanding the company’s reach beyond the local market. He considers IBC to be an integral part of their business development efforts to attract international customers who value optimal coverage, broadcasting independence, and quality of service.