Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
U.S. Department of Defense to Acquire Starlink Assets from Elon Musk

U.S. billionaire Elon Musk has agreed to sell a portion of Starlink assets to the U.S. Department of Defense, according to Musk’s biographer Walter Isaacson. This decision effectively removes Musk from the decision-making process concerning Ukraine’s access to the satellite internet service.

Isaacson described the move as the “right outcome” and explained that Musk has decided to sell and give total control of a certain amount of Starlink equipment and services to the U.S. military. By doing so, Musk no longer maintains control over geofencing and the terms of use.

It has been suggested that the Ukrainian military has limited access to Starlink connectivity in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Musk had not enabled Starlink in Crimea and deliberately kept it a secret. Moreover, parts of eastern Ukraine were also excluded from access to prevent offensive usage.

Previous reports alleged that Musk secretly ordered his engineers to disable Starlink off the coast of occupied Crimea in 2022 in order to disrupt a potential attack by the Ukrainian Defense Forces on the Russian Black Sea Fleet. However, Musk denied the claims, stating that the satellite network was not active in the area to begin with. He refused Ukraine’s request to connect it, citing his unwillingness to be complicit in a major act of war.

The Ukrainian Defense Intelligence has acknowledged the need for further verification regarding the alleged involvement of Elon Musk in the disruption of the attack on the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.

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