Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
Starlink’s Satellite Internet Arrives in Retail Stores in Chile

Starlink, the project founded by Elon Musk and developed by SpaceX, aims to bring affordable, high-speed internet connections to any corner of the world using satellites in space. The goal is not to compete with existing connections like fiber optics or 5G, but to complement them.

Previously, Starlink could only be purchased online through their website, with additional shipping costs that could exceed $20,000 depending on the location. However, the Standard Satellite Internet Kit has now arrived in retail stores in Chile, making it easier for Chileans to try this innovative form of internet access.

Paris, a well-known retail store in Chile, has been selected as the official retailer for Starlink products in the first stage. The Standard Satellite Internet Kit is available for online purchase on their website, with plans to offer in-store purchases as well.

The price of the Standard Satellite Internet Kit is currently $429,990. Customers have the option of home delivery for an additional cost or free in-store pickup.

The kit includes the Starlink device for satellite connection, a base, cable, adapter, and router. The installation process is designed for users to do it themselves and involves finding a clear view of the sky, connecting the Starlink device to power, waiting for it to connect to the satellites (using the alignment tool in the app if needed), and finally connecting to the internet.

Starlink’s entrance into retail stores in Chile provides an opportunity for more people to access high-speed internet from anywhere.