Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
Earthquake Survivors in Morocco Seek Spiritual Support Through Social Media and Satellite TV

Survivors of the recent earthquake in Morocco are using social media and satellite television as sources of spiritual support following the devastating disaster that claimed the lives of over 2,900 people. In Morocco, where Christians face isolation and cannot openly practice their faith in public, many individuals are struggling to comprehend why such catastrophes occur.

Christian broadcaster SAT-7 USA is providing aid in this difficult time by broadcasting Arabic-language Christian programs into Morocco through satellite and social media platforms. These programs offer real-time prayer and emotional support to those in need. For Moroccan Christians, who are often prohibited from attending church and practice their faith alone or in small groups, these broadcasts serve as a vital lifeline. Through these channels, they receive encouragement, hope, and the opportunity to connect with other believers.

The media ministry that airs Bible content and educational programs in local languages across North Africa and the Middle East is also lending a helping hand. Its round-the-clock Arabic channel is broadcasting live programs, including interviews with earthquake survivors on a show called “You Are Not Alone.” Additionally, a special program will feature the stories of Moroccan women affected by the disaster.

The Christian community in neighboring countries, including Algeria and Türkiye, are showing their support for Morocco by sharing messages and prayers on social media channels. These gestures of solidarity aim to offer comfort and strength during this challenging time.

The earthquake deeply affected individuals on the ground, including UK-based SAT-7 worker Chris Beddoes, who was in Marrakech when the earthquake struck. Despite the terrifying experience, Beddoes expressed his commitment to praying for all viewers to find solace in the comfort of Jesus during this trying period.

As Morocco continues to recover from the tragedy, the broadcasts and support provided by SAT-7 and various online platforms serve as a beacon of hope, guiding earthquake survivors through the chaos and devastation they have endured.