Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
E-Space and Beyon Collaborate to Enable Space-Based IoT Services in Bahrain

E-Space, a company specializing in bridging Earth and space to facilitate large-scale deployments of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and services, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Beyon Group to enable space-based IoT services in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The MOU was signed during the 31st Arab Spectrum Management Group Meeting held in Manama, Bahrain. Through this collaboration, E-Space and Beyon aim to develop satellite-based IoT solutions that capitalize on Beyon’s existing network capabilities and E-Space’s advanced low Earth orbit (LEO) constellation and device capabilities. These joint efforts are focused on creating unique IoT solutions that provide uninterrupted, real-time IoT data services that can be used anywhere.

Beyon sees IoT as a key area of exploration and growth in alignment with Bahrain’s digital economy initiative, Vision 2030. By partnering with E-Space, Beyon envisions combining terrestrial and space communications to offer continuous coverage and advanced IoT services across various sectors. This collaboration is expected to unlock new business models and accelerate the development of innovative applications, enhancing both consumer and enterprise opportunities while contributing to Bahrain’s digital economy.

Greg Wyler, CEO of E-Space, stated that this collaboration will enable the exploration of ubiquitous IoT services and the transformation of customer experiences beyond traditional IoT use cases. E-Space is committed to harnessing space-powered IoT connectivity to improve lives, business efficiencies, and create a smarter, more connected planet.

The MOU signing signifies the commitment of both E-Space and Beyon to push the boundaries of IoT technology and revolutionize the possibilities of IoT data services. With their combined efforts, E-Space and Beyon aim to shape the future of IoT in Bahrain and beyond.

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