Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Dhaka and Paris Sign Bilateral Agreements to Enhance Cooperation

Dhaka and Paris have signed two bilateral instruments aimed at enhancing cooperation in various fields, including infrastructure and satellite technology. The signing took place in the presence of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and French President Emmanuel Macron at the Prime Minister’s Office in Dhaka.

The first agreement is a Credit Facility Agreement between the Economic Relations Division (ERD) of Bangladesh and the France Development Agency (AFD) on “Improving Urban Governance and Infrastructure Program.” This agreement focuses on enhancing the governance and infrastructure of urban areas, which is crucial for the development of cities in Bangladesh.

The second agreement is a Letter of Intent (LOI) on cooperation between Bangladesh Satellite Company Limited (BSCL) and Airbus Defence and Space SAS of France. This agreement is related to the Bangabandhu-2 Earth Observation Satellite System and aims to enhance satellite technology capabilities in Bangladesh.

Prior to the signing of the agreements, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and President Emmanuel Macron held talks to explore new areas of cooperation between the two countries. President Macron’s visit marks the first time a French president has visited Bangladesh in 33 years. He arrived in Dhaka after attending the G20 summit in India and is scheduled to depart later in the day.

Trade between Bangladesh and France has seen significant growth, from €210 million to €4.9 billion, making France the fifth-largest export destination for Bangladesh. French companies are now actively involved in various sectors in Bangladesh, including engineering, energy, aerospace, and water.

These bilateral agreements between Dhaka and Paris signal a deeper level of engagement and cooperation between the two countries.