Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Deutsche Telekom and Partners Demonstrate Multi-Domain Orchestration for On-Demand 5G Slice-Based Services

Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Mavenir, and Blue Planet have collaborated on a proof-of-concept to showcase the benefits of multi-domain orchestration with open APIs. The objective was to demonstrate how enterprises can easily create new slice-based service offerings on-demand.

The demonstration involved Deutsche Telekom’s customer portal, where enterprises could place service orders. This initiated the configuration of a secure, dedicated network slice with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) levels tailored to their connectivity requirements. These slices were implemented as dynamic and automated end-to-end service offerings, activated within minutes across the 5G network.

To achieve this, the partners deployed a 5G Standalone (SA) network infrastructure in test mode at Deutsche Telekom’s labs in Darmstadt and Bonn. The setup included the integration of a customer portal provided by Deutsche Telekom, a Multi Domain Service Orchestrator (MDSO) from Blue Planet, a cloud-native 5G Core (5GC) from Mavenir, and Ericsson’s Radio Access Network (RAN) with network management capabilities.

Through this proof-of-concept, several capabilities were successfully demonstrated. These included placing product orders by enterprise customers, order decomposition and distribution to technology domains by the MDSO, model-driven RAN and Core domains for slice orchestration, end-to-end service orchestration in minutes, dynamic instantiation of network functions, and customer SIMs subscription and provisioning.

Changsoon Choi, VP of network service differentiation and convergence at Deutsche Telekom, emphasized the importance of tailored and flexible connectivity services for enterprise customers. He highlighted the successful validation of multi-domain orchestration, enabling customers to order slices dynamically within minutes.

Daniel Leimbach, Head of CU Western Europe at Ericsson, expressed the significance of providing robust and flexible 5G network slicing services on-demand for enterprises. He believes that this capability will unlock the full potential of 5G by enabling new and commercially successful business use cases.