Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Quebec Company GHGStat Sends Satellite into Space to Measure GHG Emissions

The Quebec company GHGStat has recently launched a satellite into space with a SpaceX rocket in order to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The president and founder of the company, St├ęphane Germain, explains that their satellites directly measure emissions, whereas previous estimates were based on climate change analyses.

The satellites, which are the size of a microwave oven, capture photos and transmit them back to Earth to identify GHG emissions. Currently, GHGStat has twelve satellites in orbit, taking photos all over the world. By analyzing these photos, they are able to detect the presence of carbon dioxide or methane, as well as identify sources of emissions and their magnitude.

GHGStat sells this data to operators and governments, providing valuable information on leaks and emissions. The ability to directly measure emissions allows for more accurate and precise monitoring of GHG levels in the atmosphere.

This innovative approach to tracking GHG emissions is an important step towards better understanding and combating climate change. It provides essential data to support efforts in reducing emissions and implementing effective climate policies. By identifying and quantifying sources of GHG emissions, companies and governments can take targeted actions to mitigate their impact on the environment.

GHGStat’s satellite technology represents a significant advancement in the field of GHG monitoring. With its ability to capture images and provide real-time data, it offers a new level of transparency and accountability. By combining satellite technology with climate change analyses, a more comprehensive and accurate picture of global emissions can be obtained, allowing for more effective climate action plans to be developed and implemented.