Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Decisions Pending for Three 5G Masts in Coventry

This week, decisions will be made regarding the installation of three 5G masts in Coventry. The proposed sites include Quinton Road in Cheylesmore, Orchard Court in Wyken, and the junction of Lucerne Close and Eburne Road in Longford. The applications will go before a planning committee meeting on Thursday.

The Quinton Road mast was originally scheduled for a decision at the end of August but was postponed. These plans are part of a network upgrade to introduce the 5G network in the area. All three applications have been recommended for approval, with reports noting that they will have a limited or minimal adverse impact on the visual aspect of the surroundings.

The Wyken proposal involves the installation of a 15m 5G telecoms installation, street pole, and additional equipment cabinets. The current site is a grass verge adjacent to a public footway in Binley Business Park, surrounded by commercial properties and no nearby residential areas.

The Cheylesmore proposal seeks prior approval for a 15.0m monopole and associated ancillary cabinets. The proposed site is located on the western side of Quinton Road, outside Listers Paint and Body Centre, with offices on the opposite side and the nearest residential properties approximately 80m to the north.

The Longford proposal includes the installation of a 15m high ‘slim line’ monopole with additional ancillary equipment cabinets. The site is a wide grass verge on the southern side of Eburne Road, next to Lucerne Close. The closest residential properties are approximately 70 meters away.

Overall, these applications aim to support the rollout of the 5G network in Coventry.