Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
New Satellite Image Reveals Devastation from Storm Daniel Floods in Thessaly

A recent satellite image has captured the extensive damage caused by the floods triggered by the advance of storm Daniel in the Thessaly region. The European agency highlighted the severity of the situation, stating that the area around Larissa is still heavily affected by the overflowing Pinios River.

The Greek government has been actively involved in rescue and support operations in the affected areas. According to government spokesperson Pavlos Marinakis, over 4,506 rescues and evacuations have taken place, with 774 using aerial means. Efforts are being made to transport citizens to safe locations, with humanitarian aid, water, and medicines being sent through boats, drones, and helicopters.

Tragically, 15 people have lost their lives due to the floods, and two individuals are still missing. Marinakis expressed condolences to the families of the victims. The rescue operations continue, particularly focusing on the elderly and individuals requiring medical attention.

Marinakis emphasized the importance of following instructions from the Health Ministry in managing the aftermath of the floods. The spokesperson warned that all floodwaters are potentially contaminated, carrying debris and even dead animals. Precautionary measures are urged to safeguard public health.

The severity of the floods has led to significant infrastructure damage and loss of property. The Thessaly region experienced water levels reaching 18 meters in the Tempi Valley. The government and relevant authorities are actively working to assess the situation and initiate steps for recovery and rebuilding.

The satellite image serves as a stark reminder of the impact of natural disasters and reinforces the need for preparedness and effective response measures to mitigate their effects.