Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Claro Partners with Starlink to Bring Broadband to Remote Locations in Chile

Claro, a telecommunications company in Chile, has partnered with SpaceX’s satellite initiative, Starlink, to bring broadband connectivity to remote areas in the country. This collaboration will provide an upgrade in technology to 251 locations, allowing people in traditionally low-connectivity areas to access broadband internet similar to the rest of the country.

Through Starlink’s satellite links, which provide high-speed internet through a constellation of satellites to anywhere in the world, Claro’s project will deliver increased data transmission and browsing speeds without any commercial impact on users.

This infrastructure advancement will contribute to technological evolution in mandatory locations mandated by the Undersecretariat of Communications (Subtel). Starlink’s satellite connectivity will be provided to the mobile sites in these communities.

Patricio Olivares, Vice President of Technology at ClaroVTR, emphasized the significance of this infrastructure development, stating that communities like Repollal Bajo in the Aysén region can connect to high-speed internet regardless of their remote location. He expressed Claro’s satisfaction in bridging the digital divide and connecting people to the benefits of the digital world.

Starlink’s satellite connectivity introduces several innovations to satellite communication in Chile. While traditional telecommunications satellites, known as geostationary satellites (GEO), orbit at an altitude of approximately 36,000 km above the Earth, Starlink’s network of satellites operates in low Earth orbit at an altitude of 550 kilometers. This proximity to the planet significantly reduces latency and provides speeds comparable to broadband connections.

Claudio Araya, the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, commended the partnership between Claro and Starlink, stating that it will benefit several locations in Chile where conventional services are challenging to reach due to geographic or distance limitations. He emphasized that this collaboration will help overcome digital isolation and provide residents of Repollal Bajo and other communities with connectivity similar to that in regional capitals.