Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Comtech Launches Bridge Solutions to Bridge the Gap between Satellite and Terrestrial Networks

Comtech Telecommunications has unveiled a new suite of solutions called Bridge, aimed at bridging the gap between satellite and terrestrial networks. These solutions have been developed to cater to various customers such as emergency service providers, remote communities, military operators, and maritime customers.

Comtech CEO Ken Peterman explained that the Bridge solutions are a response to the growing convergence of satellite and terrestrial networks, as well as the integration of satellite communications and geospatial imagery. With satellite systems being deployed across multiple orbits and satellite communications merging with telecommunications, Comtech recognizes the need to offer a comprehensive ground structure and ground terminals to meet evolving requirements.

The Bridge solutions are designed to be infrastructure, cloud, and application agnostic. They enable interoperable connectivity services and applications, offering benefits such as setting up full-service communications networks within hours after natural disasters, providing maritime customers with ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications capabilities that work beyond line-of-sight, and creating interoperability for Combined Joint All Domain Command and Control (CJADC2) operations.

Comtech’s Bridge solutions align with the trend towards smarter networks. Rather than simply purchasing a box and using it for a long period, customers now seek a ground infrastructure partner that can provide fast-evolving solutions. They desire simultaneous connectivity across different network infrastructures and intelligent routing of their data.

Under Peterman’s leadership, Comtech has undergone organizational changes to unify its operations and capabilities. Previously, the company was organized into 14 independent businesses. However, over the past year, Comtech has brought these businesses together, implemented common tools and processes, and fostered collaboration to develop new products. This approach has enabled the company to reduce redundancy and streamline decision-making, ultimately creating a more comprehensive value proposition.

Comtech has already introduced Bridge to select customers, including proof-of-concept demonstrations for maritime users, as part of its ongoing efforts to provide innovative solutions for the evolving satellite and terrestrial networking landscape.