Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Starlink Technology Brings High-Speed Internet to Rural Chile

The deployment of Starlink technology in Chile through ClaroVTR is a significant development that will enable remote and less populated communities to access high-speed internet connectivity. This initiative will benefit towns like Repollal Bajo in the Guaitecas archipelago, providing them with improved data transmission and faster browsing speeds through Starlink’s satellite links.

Starlink technology sets itself apart from traditional telecommunications satellites by operating in low Earth orbit, just 550 kilometers from the Earth’s surface. This results in lower latency and faster connection speeds. Starlink is capable of offering high-speed connectivity and reliable coverage comparable to broadband connections, even in geographically challenging areas.

The collaboration between ClaroVTR and Starlink will translate into enhanced access to digital services for many Chilean localities, such as Gualloco, Sotoca, Caimanes, Monte Patria, and Manto la Luna, among others. This will allow people in these communities to enjoy connectivity similar to that found in regional capitals, which has a positive impact on their human and economic development.

This infrastructure advancement is not only technologically significant but also has a significant impact on people’s daily lives. Communities that previously lacked access to high-speed internet can now enjoy the convenience and benefits of reliable digital connectivity, regardless of their geographical location or distance from urban centers.