Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Church Wilne Rotary Satellite Supports Local Causes

The Church Wilne Rotary Satellite has been actively supporting various local causes throughout the past year. One of the recipients of the funds raised was Asterdale Primary School in Spondon. The Rotary Satellite helped purchase campfire equipment for the school’s outdoor Forest School program, allowing students to engage with nature and learn valuable skills in an outdoor setting.

Another initiative supported by the Church Wilne Rotary Satellite was the Breaston Park Football Club U-15 Blacks team. The satellite sponsored the team’s kit, providing necessary resources for the young athletes to compete and represent their club with pride.

Ongoing efforts to make a positive impact in the community include the recent visit by Rotary members Martin Mould and Lisa Travil to the VIP Tea Tuesday group in Spondon. During the visit, the duo presented the group with 70 mugs, acknowledging the importance of the club to its members.

The Church Wilne Rotary Satellite continues to demonstrate its dedication to supporting local causes and making a difference in the lives of community members. By actively engaging with various initiatives, such as aiding schools and sports clubs, the satellite aims to contribute to the overall well-being and development of individuals in the area.

Through these efforts, the Church Wilne Rotary Satellite highlights the importance of community involvement and the positive outcomes that can be achieved when individuals come together to support local causes.