Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
The Shift in the Satellite Internet Landscape: Boeing Withdraws from LEO Satellite Constellation

Boeing, a major player in the aerospace industry, has made a surprising decision to withdraw from the competitive arena of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite internet. By relinquishing its LEO satellite constellation license, Boeing has altered the dynamics of the global quest for connectivity, challenging the dominance of SpaceX and OneWeb in this field.

Boeing had ambitious plans to deploy a broadband internet constellation, but these plans have now been abandoned. The company officially withdrew its application and incurred a $2.2 million penalty paid to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Despite this strategic pivot, Boeing remains dedicated to a responsible approach to space and spectrum usage, according to Michelle Parker, Boeing’s Vice President of Space Mission Systems.

SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk, acknowledged the challenging competitive environment following Boeing’s exit. SpaceX’s LEO constellation, Starlink, is currently the industry leader with over 5,000 satellites in orbit and integrated launch capabilities, a luxury that Boeing lacks.

Previously, Boeing demonstrated its commitment to space-based internet delivery with the launch of their Varuna prototype in September 2022. However, the company’s withdrawal suggests a recalibration of its focus away from deploying a satellite constellation in the immediate future.

OneWeb, which is supplied in Australia, New Zealand, and PNG by Sat.One, takes a different approach than Starlink. Rather than direct-to-consumer sales, OneWeb focuses on business-to-business collaborations and partnerships with telecommunications companies to provide backhaul services. OneWeb currently has over 530 satellites in orbit.

Boeing’s withdrawal reshuffles the satellite internet landscape, but the field remains competitive with players like Amazon’s Project Kuiper also entering the fray. As different companies pursue their own strategies to provide global connectivity, the dream of a fully connected Earth comes closer to reality. The skies will continue to be a dynamic frontier of technological innovation and competition as new constellations emerge and redefine the trajectory of satellite communications.