Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Seafarers on IoT-Enabled Vessels to Be Encouraged Towards Sustainable Operational Decisions

Behavioural change startup Signol has partnered with Stolt Tankers to launch a groundbreaking project aimed at reducing shipping emissions. The collaboration seeks to leverage IoT data to help seafarers understand the impact of their actions on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and motivate them to adopt more sustainable behaviors.

Stolt Tankers is taking a human-centered, tech-enabled approach to improve fuel efficiency and reduce shipping’s environmental impact by combining sensor data with behavioral change techniques. The six-month pilot project will be implemented on seven vessels, utilizing Signol’s data-led service to engage seafarers and encourage fuel consumption reduction.

Five of the vessels will employ continuous monitoring through IoT sensors connected directly to the ships’ power management and automation systems. This will provide a real-time and comprehensive view of the onboard experience for the crew. The monitoring data will be used to establish fair and achievable behavioral goals related to main and auxiliary engine performance, as well as trim optimization.

By utilizing real-time IoT data instead of static snapshots, Stolt Tankers and Signol expect to empower crew members and onshore teams to make proactive and immediate decisions. This will lead to improved operational efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and enhanced safety. Additionally, the richer data provided by IoT sensors will help seafarers better understand how their actions impact fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

This partnership aligns with Stolt Tankers’ commitment to continuous improvement and its ambition to become a carbon-neutral business by 2050. To support this goal, Stolt Tankers pledges to plant three mangrove saplings for every goal achieved through the system in the Stolt Tankers Mangrove Forest in the JBLFMU Ecological Park, Philippines. This initiative not only contributes to their sustainability efforts but also protects the local ecosystem, which is home to many of their crews.

Signol has a proven track record in the maritime sector, consistently delivering fuel savings exceeding 5% without requiring additional capital investment. This aligns with the needs of shipping companies looking for effective solutions that offer data-driven insights, measurable results, and a good return on investment for fleet performance and fuel managers.