Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
Massive Flood Devastates Eastern City of Derna, Libya

Libya has recently witnessed a disastrous flood that has resulted in more than 5,000 fatalities, with thousands of people still missing. The city of Derna, located in the eastern part of the country, was particularly affected by the calamity. Witnesses describe the flash flood that struck Derna as being akin to a tsunami, brought about by two upstream dams bursting due to the heavy rain caused by Storm Daniel.

Satellite images starkly depict the extensive damage caused by the flooding. The destruction is evident in various areas, such as coastal roads, the Wadi Derna river, buildings, and the port facility in Derna. The upper dam on the Wadi Derna river was also severely impacted by the floodwaters.

While the exact scale of the devastation is still being assessed, the loss of life and the number of missing individuals is tragically significant. Efforts to locate and rescue those who remain unaccounted for are ongoing. Search and rescue teams are working tirelessly to comb through debris and debris-laden areas to find survivors.

In addition to the immediate human toll, the flood has likely caused extensive damage to infrastructure, including roads and buildings, which will require significant efforts to rebuild. Rehabilitation and restoration will likely be a long and arduous process for the affected areas and their communities.

The Libyan authorities, along with international aid organizations, are collaborating to provide necessary assistance to those affected by the flood. Emergency response teams have been deployed, and an emergency aid operation is underway to provide food, medicine, and shelter to survivors.

As the situation in Derna continues to evolve, it remains critical for humanitarian organizations and governments to provide ongoing support to the affected communities in their recovery efforts.